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Athletic Gear:  Sportswear, Shoes, Exercise Equipment

The proper running or walking shoes, athletic attire, and equipment can make exercise and workouts more comfortable and effective. Speak with friends involved in the activity you're getting involved in for some guidance before spending money on items which may not be best for your situation. For running alone, there are 3 major categories of shoes, and the clerk at the local shoe store may not be knowledgeable enough to sell you the right one.

  • Not only will the proper shoes be more comfortable, they can aid your performance and prevent injury, so it's a good idea to spend a little more money for better quality.
  • Athletic apparel has become quite specialized. High tech, synthetic fabrics can "wick away" perspiration to keep you cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold.
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Workout Gear: Wear layers

Be warm enough for the cold weather and hot enough to look cool. It has been proven that exercising your way to health as well as a good sweat during the cold weather is a lot easier said than done.

These principles apply to swimming as well. Once in the water we are generally kept warm by the activity. However, we don’t spend all the time in the water. If you are swimming outdoors in any kind of weather it’s important to make certain you are adequately protected from the elements.

Why would anyone want to go out when you can stay in a warm bed? The answer to that question is in the clothes. Why let your cool winter workout clothes be stuck in the closet when you can wear them during your workout routine and look cool in the process.

Believe it or not, there are many ways to keep yourself warm during your gym workout thanks a lot to these winter hi tech clothes gears.The following are basically helpful tips and advice to wear the appropriate clothes when the weather outside is frightful.

Remember, the cold weather is no such excuse for not exercising.

Layer – layer - layer
The secret is in the layering. All you really need to have are clothes and layer them all up in order to keep your whole body warm.

A good start is by having a layer that is closely next to your own skin. Fortunately, such a product exists thanks to New Balance wherein a Long Sleeve Compression top used basically for running utilizes a Lightning technology Dry fabric that is able to keep the wetness far from your own skin.

The material of the New Balance Long Sleeve Compression top is made from polyester hydroponic yarn that is able to transfer any moisture immediately away from your body in order to keep it as dry as possible.

Also, the top – which happens to be form fitting – is able to help in the reduction of muscle fatigue and could also be used as base for any later sport. It also includes a flat construction seam in order to stop and prevent any chafing. This product is currently available at their website and sells for less than thirty-five dollars.

Layer - layer - layer – in the middle
Another way to keep warm is by adding an extra layer in the middle. A good product to be able to achieve this is the Nike Sphere for women Pro Top Half Zip. This particular product has fibers that are specially made to open themselves up at the exact moment when you sweat. Meanwhile, it is also able to close itself off when you start to get dry.

This hi tech feature allows anyone the maximum time and ventilation to be able to achieve a workout that is both dry and cool. Basically, this Nike Sphere for women Pro Top Half Zip works by creating a space of air in between the material and the wearer’s skin.

The instant the wearer’s body heats that particular air a thermal insulation is automatically created thereby allowing one’s body to focus its energy on exercising and on the workout itself, rather than worrying itself sick about being and feeling cold.

Believe it or not, this product is worn most by speed skaters during their laps when warming up. This product sells at the Nike website for sixty dollars.

Place a layer on your torso
A good product for adding a top on your torso is the cool Northface Furallur fashionable jacket. This down filled jacket has a hood that is detachable and is also coated with a HyVent breathable technology in order to keep harmful elements out. This product is being sold at the Northface website at less than two hundred and seventy dollars.

Do not forget to keep your hands warm! Gloves that are made of lightweight cotton materials should warm hands just fine.

A good example is the Convertible 180s Running Glove, which has a four way stretch micropoly shell with piping that is reflective. Once the weather turns cold, these gloves could be instantly converted to soft mittens along with a windproof that is attached. It is also resistant to water and has a shell that is retractable. This product currently sells at twenty dollars.

All in all, being warm during a cold workout is easy as long as you have the will to dutifully workout for your own body’s sake, there is always a way and warm clothes to get you going.
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