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10 Healthy Ideas:

  1. Drink water
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Walk after eating
  4. Floss your teeth
  5. Use the stairs
  6. Play a sport
  7. Take vitamins
  8. Go dancing
  9. One less cookie
 10. Stretch daily

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Calories Burned (est.)
per 30 min for 150 lb person

TV Watching
Weight lifting
Walking (3 mph)
Yard work
Running (7 mph)



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Start Your Fitness or Weight Loss Program

Begin by reviewing this list of the basic building blocks of better health. You can work on them in this order or start with the area you need help in most. Whatever your personal goal, strive to make at least some improvement in all areas. Take a few minutes to put together a schedule to fit some time into your busy life to make it better.   Call it your Action Plan:

  1. Why get fit?   Decide that you want to look or feel better and set a goal. Need motivation? Just click Reasons for a long list of the benefits you'll receive (besides simply looking better).
  2. Envision or write your average weekly schedule and find 3-5 blocks of 20 minutes or more to devote to the fitness activity of your choice. Include long term and shorter term goals to shoot for. This Action Plan will help you track progress and keeps you organized.
  3. If you have a medical condition or are drastically out of shape, consult your doctor for an OK to start. Safety is a critical component of any exercise program, including both your own medical conditions and external factors such as dodging traffic while walking or running. You must also incorporate adequate stretching, especially when increasing physical activity.
  4. Improve your Nutrition by reviewing the foods in your diet. Read and research yourself, or consult a nutritionist or dietician. Eating better may be better than eating less! Drinking plenty of water is an important element of most diets.
  5. Start or adjust your intake of Vitamins & Supplements for optimal nourishment. Even the perfect diet can't give you all of the beneficial minerals and antioxidants that are available in quality nutritional supplements.
  6. Get your Gear for the sport or workout method of your choice. Proper shoes and attire can significantly reduce chances of injury and will make your training more comfortable. Find fitness equipment that you will enjoy using while getting the best possible exercise.
  7. Decide or realize what will Motivate you to work towards and accomplish your goals. This is an easily overlooked, but critical element. If dragging yourself to the park, gym, or fitness center is a miserable experience, you'll find excuses to give up. Make it fun! Find training buddies. Reward yourself for small achievements. Listen to upbeat music. Hang an inspirational poster in your bedroom. Do what it takes to look forward to fitness activities!
  8. Changing unhealthy Lifestyles can be quite a challenge. Whether you are attempting to quit smoking, drinking, or overeating, kicking bad habits is an emotional process. Get help in the form of a professional, a group, or just a buddy facing the same challenge. It will be worth the pain to turn your life around!
  9. Your doctor may guide you, or you may realize yourself that alternative medicine, prescription medication, or some form of therapy could be worthwhile to try. All Medical avenues should all be considered if they can bring you closer to your goal without significant side-effects.
  10. Track your progress! Seeing positive changes will boost your self-confidence and make you a nicer person to be around. Be patient and realize that results can take time, but if you're concerned, talk to a friend or find an online forum to share your troubles. You're welcome to submit some commentary about your successes or difficulties. Others may appreciate it!
  11. Once you've reached your goal, don't stop...   It's time to set a new one!

Contact us now or read further for advice.

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