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Medical:  Online Pharmacies to Purchase Drugs

The internet can be used not only for obtaining information on fitness, medical conditions and possible treatments, but also for purchasing medication online. Be very careful if you are taking things into your own hands and looking for the best deals on drugs.

Online pharmacies are a convenient alternative to physically picking items up at the drugstore. They also offer privacy for sensitive situations. You can complete the entire transaction online without scheduling costly doctor appointments and then waiting while your prescription is filled at a pharmacy in another location.

Online Pharmacy Choices
Pharmacy websites range from those that are perfectly legal and safe to those offshore sources of drugs which offer low prices but may not deliver quality product...or worse, could be dangerous to use.

Online Drugs USA Pharmacy
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Look for high standards
For U.S. residents, the most risky (and unregulated) are offshore websites that offer great prices. You're gambling with your health. Canadian pharmacies may not be totally legal, but can usually be verified to provide the real drugs that they advertise. U.S. based sites may require a physical prescription from your doctor or may simply require an online form to be filled out. This questionnaire serves as an interview with a licensed physician, and if answered properly, your prescription will be filled immediately.

A U.S. online pharmacy such as this then leads you directly to their online order form. You can contact customer service with any questions or problems.

Private and Convenient Online Drug Purchases
Order medicines directly from your home through discreet and private online pharmacies. You should still expect the high quality standards from their physicians, and pharmacists as you would from your own doctor and neighborhood drug store.

Brand name medications are available in all categories:
Allergies (Allegra, Claritin-D), Anti-depressants (Paxil, Prozac), Anxiety, Antibiotics (Amoxicillin), Arthritis, Anti-Viral, Blood Pressure, Headache, Heartburn, Men's Health (Lipitor, Propecia, Cialis, Levitra, Viagra), Motion Sickness, Muscle Relaxant (Soma, Zanaflex), Pain Relief (Motrin, Tramadol), Sexual Health, Skin Care, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss (Xenical), Women's Health (Fosamax, Naprosyn)

Again, stay away from offshore mail order pharmacies where you risk receiving low quality medicine.

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