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Fitness:  Beginner Fitness Programs

Designing a fitness program for a beginner is a task that could dramatically and drastically improve all aspects of your own physical or physiological life. Many people have had success in losing lots of fat and at the same time gain lean muscles. They have also been able to improve their overall health.

The following are a few basic tips to begin a fitness program design that would suit a beginner while at the same time trying to avoid the mistakes usually associated with one who is just starting to get his muscles and heart rate going.

Take note that it is vital to consult with your doctor prior to starting a fitness regimen especially if you sincerely intend to religiously follow through with your program. Doing so helps you avoid any unnecessary injury.

Slowly but surely
As much as possible, do not hurry. Start in a slow, cautious way. Do not in any way do the same thing most beginning exercisers do: doing a lot in the shortest possible time.

Remember that too much of something could make you feel sick. Relax and try to take your time. You will eventually learn to appreciate exercising and do it at your own pace.

Try not to feel competitive with others who may have been exercising a lot longer than you have. Ease into the exercise mood. Try not to be a model for fitness in as little as a week. You have all the time in the world.

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Think right - feel right
It is important that you psyche yourself as well as you can prior to getting into the workout groove. As much as possible, take a short time – in as little as five minutes – to envision what it is you want and need to accomplish.

Try to visualize the body as it will be eventually. Imagine your ideal body doing things you want to do or have fun doing, be it in the company of friends or by yourself.

Believe it or not, visualization is a tool that is amazingly effective for getting your brain programmed and conditioned to do what it needs to do.

Know what lies ahead
Be realistic yet optimistic. Know your expectations and be prepared for whatever lies ahead. Be aware that there are steps to starting a fitness program. There is the mental phase where people need to prepare and will themselves to exercise.

Simplicity is the key. It would be quite difficult to practically discipline one’s self in eating a strict diet that has little calories and cholesterol especially if one is so used to eating one.

The secret is in keeping the process simple. You are less likely to be overwhelmed with all the dietary requirements and restrictions usually associated with a novice fitness program. This makes one stay a little longer, if not forever, rather than quit just after a few short weeks.

Move – move - move
If you are having difficulty getting off your butt in the morning, start small. Begin walking at a pace that you can handle, and then jog slowly. You could then eventually ease into cycling or some workouts that are lightweight.

There are exercises for beginners in most gyms. Do not pressure yourself. That takes the fun out of exercising. As much as possible, select an activity you like and would not do more than thirty or twenty minutes, at four times or three times every week.

After the third week, you could start increasing the duration, intensity as well as frequency. Do not jump way ahead. You could regret it.

All in all, creating a fitness program for beginners is fairly easy. It is in the application and the eventual as well as consistent follow through of all the activities in the programs that could prove to be challenging. Find a workout partner so you can motivate each other.

It is always a lot easier to sit rather than eat, stand or move and work up a sweat. In the long term however, it is always a lot healthier and financially more convenient being healthy than having to buy all the meds your body needs in its old age, when you could have easily exercised your way to good health when you were a lot younger.

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