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Fitness:  Walking is Healthy and Inexpensive

Taking up walking as a fitness tool costs nothing and can be done anywhere.

A regular fitness program can cost both time and money. A person who wants to embark on a fitness program can buy home fitness equipment or enroll in a gym. Money spent on a fitness program will not go to waste but why spend for health when anyone can start a simple fitness program at a very low cost?

A person who wants to have access to a fitness tool without paying much can walk regularly within the confines of his neighborhood or his subdivision without spending anything.

He can choose a nearby area or he can walk along the beach so he can breathe cleaner air. Such an exercise would be good not only for keeping the body fit but it is also good for the lungs.

Walking as part of a regular routine
Study shows that a person who wants to live longer should try to incorporate a daily walking exercise as part of his everyday routine. A medical report shows that walking for a minimum of thirty minutes everyday can lengthen the lifespan of a person by a year and three months if he does not have a cardiovascular illness. On the other hand, a person with cardiovascular illness can still benefit with an increase lifespan albeit by one year only.

Walking is a low impact fitness tool that costs nothing and can be done by anyone at anytime and anywhere there is walking space. But walking has other benefits, which include keeping the person happier and less stressed. A person can sweat away his toxins just by walking thirty minutes daily.

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Walking is good medicine
Walking is the best choice for a person who already possesses an illness. However, he should consult his doctor as to the appropriateness of walking exercises considering his physical condition.

While walking is a good choice for sick people, it is all the more beneficial to people who are very healthy. There is no use waiting for that time when a person is already stricken with an illness before he starts on a fitness program. A healthy person who starts a walking habit early on in life can expect to be more healthy and pressure-free.

Walking is good for loners because they can spend the best time alone when walking. However, outgoing people can also enjoy walking by joining walking clubs. Joining walking groups will also give him an opportunity to meet other people.

Walking can be kept at a minimum or maximum intensity depending on the physical condition of the person. Those who are just starting with their walking exercises should start walking at a slower rate and at a lesser amount of time. A person can increase his walking rate and the time he spends walking everyday as he gets used to the exercise.

Some people opt for walking exercises right inside their homes buy installing treadmills. Such fitness machines can complement the walking exercises of a person especially if he cannot go out on a rainy or snowy day. However, the thrill and the joy of witnessing people and surroundings everyday while walking can never be replaced by walking indoors.

Why spend money and more time going to public gyms when anyone can go walking anytime of the day? A person who includes walking as part of his daily fitness program will never regret such a decision.
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