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Fitness:  Muscular Fitness and Muscle Groups

Learning the ABC's of Muscular Fitness
Few people ensure that their workouts include all essential components of physical fitness: flexibility, body composition, aerobics, and of course muscular fitness. Men generally concentrate on muscular fitness and flexibility while women focus more on aerobics and body composition. If you want to be truly healthy, you need to ensure that your workout includes on all these areas and you’re exercising properly and effectively.

Exercising your muscles regularly will enable you not only to improve your looks and effectively control weight but also reduce the chances of gaining injury and fortify your bones as well.

The Major Muscle Groups
It’s important that your muscular training contains exercise routines for each major group of muscle then simply increase the number of repetitions or time spent on muscle groups that you wish to focus on more.

Abdominals – This is one of the most popular muscle groups, and crunches and curls are common exercises for the abs.

Biceps – Another popular group of muscles, biceps and be found on your arms and can be developed with the help of weights like dumbbells or barbells, if that’s what you wish.

Calf – All sorts of calf raises can be used to strengthen calf muscles and help people develop physical strength.

Deltoids – These can also be found on your shoulders and are commonly exercised with the use of dumbbells.

Gluteals – These muscles are found in your buttocks, and exercising them will ensure that you don’t have a drooping behind as you age. Squatting and leg presses are some of the common exercises for glutes.

Hamstrings – These are found on the back of your thighs, and must also be exercised regularly as they are the muscles commonly affected in muscle strains.

Hip Abductors and Adductors – Both these muscles are found on your thighs and can be exercised using leg lifts and other exercise machines with similar focuses.

Lower Back – Exercising your lower back muscles will help you maintain proper posture.

Pectoralis Major – These muscles can be found on the upper chest area and can be exercised through bench presses and push-ups.

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Quadriceps – These muscles are found on the front of your thighs. Squatting, lunging, and other leg exercise machines will keep your quadriceps in good form and ensure that you have powerful legs.

Rhomboids - This group of muscles will give you powerful shoulders if you exercise them regularly.

Trapezius – These are also known as upper back muscles, and can increase your endurance.

Mid-Back Muscles – Make sure to focus on these muscles as they can give you the illusion of having an exceptionally well-formed back and a tinier waistline.

Triceps – This group of muscles can be found on your arms and can be kept in shape with push-ups, extensions, and even bench presses.

Start with the Hard Ones
While some forms of exercise allow you to start with something easy – in some cases, it’s better that way even – muscular training makes it necessary to begin your routine by focusing on the larger muscle groups and spending as much time as necessary on them. Afterwards, you gradually move on to smaller muscle groups.

Reps and Rest
Rapid unbalanced movements may cause you to injure yourself!
Start with 8 or 12 repetitions and no less than that. Deliberately miscounting repetitions will just backfire, and you’ll soon realize that muscular training has gained you nothing but lots of money! Take a rest whenever necessary just as long as you complete your routine.

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