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Fitness:  Body Building and Weight Training

What it takes to become a bodybuilder
Bodybuilding is the method of trying to develop muscles through a process of methodically gaining weight, getting proper rest, and of course weight training. Bodybuilding is also considered as a sport with competitions held throughout the world. The most famous person who's started his career in bodybuilding is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won the Mr. Olympia title in 1975.

For other people, bodybuilding is a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a fit body. Bodybuilding entails going to the gym religiously, and eating right to achieve that perfectly fit body.

How to get started in bodybuilding
For beginners it is best to take things slowly. Do not overdo weight training. This might accidentally cause an injury. Also, instead of gaining muscle mass, the opposite happens, you lose muscle. Basically the idea behind bodybuilding is to gain muscle, and lose fat.

For anyone who is just getting started with bodybuilding, going to the gym three times a week is a good start. They can increase the amount of time that they spend at the gym gradually as their bodies become more accustomed to strength training. An hour a day is a good start. Overexerting the body will do more harm than good. So it is important for beginners to pace themselves.

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Some tips on strength training:

  1. Beginners should not go all out on their strength training. Focusing on training one body part at time is a good way to get started in strength training.
  2. Always warm up before starting weight training. Do some stretches first to loosen up the muscles. This way you won't strain or accidentally pull a muscle.
  3. Doing 4 sets of 8 repetitions is a good way to get started on strength training.
  4. Keep motivated by setting realistic goals. Stay focused while working towards a specific aim.

Competing in Bodybuilding competitions
For those who want to take up bodybuilding as a profession, the best way to get started is to enter local bodybuilding competitions. This is a great way to experience a competitive environment. This way, you find out for yourself what it takes to become a winner.

Training does not only include strength training, but also, a healthy diet must also be observed. There are carefully devised dietary plans designed to get bodybuilders into top shape in time for their competition.

Those who are competing also have to make sure that they look good while they are doing their routine. It is best for them to practice their routine in front of a mirror before actually doing it onstage.

Also, competitors must pay careful attention to their appearance. Oiling and tanning is a must! They want to make sure that everyone sees their hard earned muscles, especially the judges. Tanning and oiling when applied to the body help accentuate and add definition to the muscles.

Shopping for a Gym

What Bodybuilders Should Look For When Selecting a Gym
Appropriate equipment is the most important factor. Individuals who want to focus on a specific body part should look into the selection of equipment in the gym to find out if it has what their needs require.

Those who need additional help should talk first with the people who are managing the gym to ask if they can make an arrangement to have a personal trainer. Some also offer classes for cardiovascular training, boxing, etc.

It is important for individuals to be in an environment that they feel comfortable in since it is a place where you will spend several days a week. It is vital to find a facility that you feel at home in.

Tips on choosing the ideal gym for bodybuilders
  1. A comfortable social environment. It is very helpful for bodybuilders to be around other individuals who share their dedication towards bodybuilding. Since these people will be able to assist them and help them stay motivated. Beginners who have a lot of questions and need help acclimatizing to this environment will benefit greatly from an agreeable social environment.
  2. The location of the facility is very important! It would be advantageous to choose a gym that is not too far away from your home. Some people get lazy and lose interest in training simply because of the inconvenience of going to the gym.
  3. Equipment is updated and in good condition. Also the quantity of equipment a gym contains also must be put into consideration. Bodybuilders do not want to wait in line to get their turns using the machines, since this may disrupt the momentum of their workout.
  4. Variety is important. The type of equipment that a gym offers is important to a bodybuilder. It is vital that they have a wide selection to choose from- ranging from dumbbells, work out machines, boxing bags, etc. This will help a bodybuilder tone different parts of their body.
  5. Consider multiple locations. The best way to have the most variety in equipment is to go to more than one gym! Some individuals also find the break from the usual social environment of the facility as a welcome change in their routine! Some bodybuilders who are more focused on strength training and are especially training to prepare for competition might want to choose an environment that is more serious.
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