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Fitness:  Top 10 Workout Tips For Best Results

Working out A chosen exercise regime should not only be healthy but safe as well. Workout sessions require effort and self-discipline. An adage that goes with workout is "75% determination and 25% perspiration". Once you have started, it will be gradually easier.

Because there is a tendency for people to over exert in physical workout, there are certain measures to observe before, during and after exercising. These are the ten tips you can follow:

1. Warm up! Before starting any exercise sessions, you have to prepare your whole body first. Even if your body is on top physical condition, some stretches and light exercises are required to adjust your joints and muscles. Stretching can also induce additional flow of blood into the muscles.

2. Wear proper exercise outfits. You should choose the proper athletic shoes, which offers comfort and support during workouts. Use leg or arm pads to act as protection for your body. If you are engaged in workout such as boxing or cycling, use helmets that fit properly.

3. Cross train. Repetitive work out can add stress to bones and muscles and can cause stress or other injuries. To prevent this from happening, cross training or having different exercises in your workout routine is helpful.

4. Know and feel your body. Pains and body aches should not be ignored. The pains and aches can be symptoms of health problems. Over exertion can also cause body aches. If the physical symptoms continue and intensify in a number of days, consult your physician immediately.

5. Study what you are doing. You can easily get adjusted on your daily exercise routines but additions to this regime should also be learned. Having proper information on what you are doing can make any workouts safer.

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6. Do not exercise on an empty stomach. Meals can make you tired and sleepy; thus many people skip meals before working out. Like machines, our bodies need fuel to start up; the foods act as fuel to let the body perform at its peak. Eating a light snack before exercising is fine and drink lots of water before, during and after working out to avoid dehydration.

7. Stick on the 10% rule. 10% rule states that you should only increase the intensity, length and workout frequency by ten percent every week. This percentage of workout is just sufficient for your muscle performance and body strength to improve gradually. Higher percentage of work out per week can lead to muscle injury.

Training 8. Have balanced exercise and rest periods. Fatigue can strike you when working out excessively. Your body being worn out can be fragile and thus susceptible to more injuries and diseases. A balance between rest and exercise is essential to achieve the healthier body you are craving. Take short periods of rest after each strenuous exercise session.

9. Find a qualified trainer for your training. There are workouts that require using weights. Nonetheless, proper methods should be followed because heavy weights can cause serious injuries. The trainer can teach you proper techniques in weight lifting.

10. Eat right and healthy foods. Eat a balanced diet composed of minerals and vitamins. Vitamin C can help in repairing body tissues. Calcium can help in maintaining strong bones.

Aside from the ten tips enumerated above, there are certain limitations of working out for pregnant women, elderly, children and other people with known illnesses. Proper identification of work out and exercises that will fit these people is needed.

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