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Fitness:  Bicycle Accessories & Proper Gear

Cycling Accessories
Cycling Clothes
As a leisure rider, you do not need much clothing other than the usual gear you wear for strolling or jogging around the park. But as you grow more serious about cycling, you would greatly benefit from stretch material like Lycra for flexibility and comfort. It is advised to have your outfit in bright colors like yellow or orange so that people could see you easily, especially drivers.

Bike Mirrors
Mirrors are an important safety feature to help you see what is going on behind you. They are most useful for long-range riding, as you might need to often check for cars and trucks on your back.

Bike Locks
If you ride a bike for commuting, you would definitely need a bike lock to keep your bike secure while it is parked. Be especially security conscious when you are new to an area.

Bicycle riding on roads or trails

Bike Baskets
If you are a shopping biker, you definitely need a bike basket to carry your latest finds. If you tend to carry big and bulky objects, you are better off with a rear basket, to keep your view clear. But if you carry small items only, then a front attaching basket would suffice.

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Bike Carriers
You need bike carriers to attach your bike on the roof of your van or SUV or back of your car.

Bike Lights
If you are a night biker, you definitely need both front and rear lights because the law requires you have them.

Tire pumps
This accessory is required of all types of cyclists. You never know when you will have a flat tire and it is always advisable to have a pump at hand. There are many portable pumps nowadays, that you may use whether you are biking in town or riding up in the hills. Just make sure that your tire valves match your pumps. Most racing bikes have Presta valves while other bikes have Schraeder valves, which are similar to car tire valves.

Water bottle
Whatever type of cycling you are engaged in, you have to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Keep a bottle of water or your sports drink handy to make sure that you have enough fluids in just about any ride you take. It is wise to have water bottle cages installed in your bike so that you get easy access to your drink.

Cycling Helmets
Safety should be your top priority when cycling. You should not be stingy about buying a helmet, and you should get one that fits comfortably. The internal shape of the helmet should match the shape and size of your head. Your helmet should be stable and should not move while you are wearing it.

Tool Kits
It is wise to be a boy scout when cycling. You will never know when your bike would break down, thus it is important to bring along tire levers, puncture kits, screwdrivers, and adjustable spanners as you take your bike for a ride. Just about all of these may fit in tool bags.

Cycling Software
The distance cyclist would definitely benefit from a cycling program. Such software would help you calculate the speed, time, and distance of your trips, helping you prepare for great rides.

Accessories can make your biking experience more safe, secure and fun. Ask your local dealer for the best deals in accessories. Enjoy biking!

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