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Fitness:  Intermediate Training Programs for Women

Prior to engaging in a fitness program, it is highly recommended that you first consult with your physician.

This twelve week intermediate fitness program is specifically targeted for those women who need to make improvements in their muscle tone and strength. It runs for twelve weeks and is suitable for women who already have at least a year or more of experience in terms of weightlifting.

For those who do not have that much experience in lifting weights, it may be necessary to start with a fitness program designed specifically for beginners.

However, it is necessary that once one starts with the Intermediate fitness program, it needs to be completed as designed within twelve weeks, after which one should then start with the advanced fitness program.

The intermediate fitness program design
This intermediate fitness program design is actually based on a schedule of two days every week. It is highly recommended to have at least a day of resting in between the first workout and the second workout every week.

However, it may also not be necessary as the first workout and the second workout train differing groups of muscles. But it is always a great idea to provide your body sufficient time for recovery.

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The method of split training
Basically, the body’s muscle major groups are actually divided in two various training sessions. The first workout includes chest training, shoulder training, the abdominals and triceps, the Trapezius.

Meanwhile, the second workout actually trains your back, legs, biceps, abdominals and forearms.

Generally though, there are a lot more exercise sets as well as muscle group exercises for the muscle groups that are larger like the back and chest as compared with the muscle smaller groups like the forearms and the Trapeziums.

Exercising with weights
When just starting out on weight lifting, as much as possible try to choose a weight in which you think it will be light for you to carry. The reason for this is to allow your body to be able to concentrate on the development of good habits as well as focusing on the proper form.

After being comfortable with a particular exercise or weight, only then should you choose a particular weight in which you think will be challenging enough for the required repetitions you are to do.

For instance, if the required quantity of repetitions is twelve for a tricep pushdown exercise, choose a particular weight in which it will challenge you for twelve repetitions. For each set, you need to be very intuitive and choose a weight for the required number of repetitions.

Therefore, if a weight of twenty pounds proves to be a challenge for your first set, which consists of twelve repetitions, probably twenty-five pounds is the appropriate for one set of ten repetitions.

Take note that smaller muscle groups like the forearms and the calves actually respond a lot better to a higher number of repetitions –twelve to twenty – with a lot less weight.

Work your abdominals!
It is highly recommended that you continue all exercise for the abdominals – except twisted crunches – until muscle fatigue is reached. The reason for this is because the abdominals respond a lot better to a lot higher number of repetitions, there is really no other way to be able to increase your weight resistance as you experience more strength.

The time that is recommended for women to rest in between the exercise sets is anywhere between forty five to ninety seconds. When on a rest in between the sets, try to drink water. It is also recommended that you do stretching.

All in all, when the intermediate fitness program is followed, you will eventually be comfortable with every exercise as well as the weight lifting principles. All it takes is a lot of will and patience, and fitness success is at your easy reach. Eventually, the choice is yours to move to a more demanding program.

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