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Fitness:  Reduce Fatigue and Sleepiness

Fatigue is the number one problem faced by people who are always on the go and who face pressure almost everyday. These people realize they have more things undone compared to the things they have already accomplished thereby adding to the feelings of fatigue and frustration they feel after a hard day’s work.

Fatigue may seem like a complicated word but it simply means feeling tired or too spent. A person who has done so many things in a day can feel tired or fatigued at the end of the day. Such a person can no longer work normally unless he takes some rest.

However, there are people who already feel tired even at the start of the day. A person can already feel fatigued even before he has started his daily chores. This may be because of backlog or too much workload over a long period of time.

Lack of energy
A person who feels fatigued will generally feel useless and lacking in energy. Such a person will naturally shy away from the thought of another working day as he has to exert more effort just to lift his hands to do some work. Fatigue can inhibit a person from working for five minutes or even the whole day. Some people even experience fatigue or what they call burn out for months.

Fatigue can occur for many reasons including mental or physical exertion. Some people experience fatigue because of some medication they are taking or they are challenged by a physical health problem. Fatigue normally happens to everyone and it is really just a signal or symptom that something is wrong with the body. A person who feels tired should not ignore such a warning if he does not want to risk burnout.

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Power Nap or Power Walk
Just sleeping or resting for a while can easily solve feelings of tiredness. Some people can easily get back in shape just by taking a power nap or a few minutes of sleep. Some people get rid of fatigue by listening to music or walking for a few minutes.

However, a person who experiences fatigue easily and who could not get rid of it after resting for a few minutes or even a good night’s sleep should be concerned and should see his doctor to determine the cause of his tiredness.

Fatigue is generally caused by too much work without break. However, there are other causes of tiredness like insomnia or poor sleeping habits, diet or even regular stressors that should be immediately identified. Fatigue can also be caused by a disease or illness like diabetes, heart problems, vitamin or nutrient deficiency or even cancer.

While sleeping can just as easily cure fatigue, there are other remedies for people who feel tired all the time. They can take vitamins, stress medications or other medications as recommended by their doctors. A person who regularly drives should however make sure that the medications he is taking to combat fatigue will not cause drowsiness.

A person who experiences fatigue for a longer period should check with his doctors, as this may already be chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is an illness that can be debilitating and can disturb normal functions. The problem with this type of condition is that it cannot be easily diagnosed and requires a battery of tests and observation.

Less caffeine, More water
A person who wants to avoid feeling tired all the time should try to eliminate caffeine in his system and to drink plenty of liquids especially water. It is also best to increase the intake of food that is rich in iron like liver and spinach. The intake of food that is high in fat should also be minimized.

Some people who experience fatigue all the time may require a change of scenery or surroundings and it is best if they can take the time off for a short vacation somewhere quiet and serene like the countryside. For some people, a lifestyle change can erase fatigue.

A person who feels tired all the time should evaluate his work and lifestyle and then see an expert to help him, get rid of the condition. It is only by acknowledging the sources of fatigue that one can combat the problem.

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