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  1. Drink water
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  3. Walk after eating
  4. Floss your teeth
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  7. Take vitamins
  8. Go dancing
  9. One less cookie
 10. Stretch daily

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Nutrition:  Stoke Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

by Joe Stankowski - Originally Appeared in AbsoluteFitNews January 2002

Come On Baby, Light Your Fire.
Small frequent meals can help your body continue to burn calories at an increased rate. If you have ever been to a bonfire, you may have seen how this works.

If your fire (metabolism) is burning, and you throw a huge load of wood (typical, big meal) on top, the fire will burn very low and relatively cool (energy level drops). It will take a long time to build up heat and a lot of fuel will have been wasted (you feel sluggish and full).

When you add small amounts of wood slowly over time, the fire will burn hot and steady. This is exactly what you want to do with your metabolism.

But don't over fuel your fire.
You want to burn hot & steady. Try 5 or 6 small meals everyday for a week. If you are used to eating 2 or 3 meals a day, take the same amount of food but split it into smaller servings. The first couple of days may be tough, but once your body learns there is no food shortage, it will let you know when 3 hours has gone by.

If you've never tried eating like this before, you will be amazed at the way you feel. Energy levels will remain high throughout the day and your body will have a better chance to use stored fat for fuel.

Fitness Expert Joe Stankowski
  • Men's Fitness training adviser
  • Author of the 'SMART WAY TO FITNESS - The Definitive Guide to Fitness Success'
  • Co-author of 'The Power of Champions'
  • IDEA Master Trainer
  • ACE, NASM cpt

Joe Stankowski

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