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10 Healthy Ideas:

  1. Drink water
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Walk after eating
  4. Floss your teeth
  5. Use the stairs
  6. Play a sport
  7. Take vitamins
  8. Go dancing
  9. One less cookie
 10. Stretch daily

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Reasons:  Fight Diseases with Excercise

Physical activity and general fitness levels are known to be a factor in the prevention, reduction, or control of major health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, and low back pain.

Exercise is synonymous with health, but remember this word of caution:
Consult your doctor first!.

Exercises that may be permitted in these cases:
Cardiovascular disease ó it has always been said that prevention is better than cure. Yes, exercise can prevent cardiovascular illness. But in cases where the disease has already struck, there are still exercises that would suit the patient.

1. The safest form of exercise for persons with this disease still is, walking.
2. About 3-4 days a week, the patient should go through mild aerobic exercises such as running, biking and swimming.

Peripheral Vascular Disease ó this disease simply means that the arteries that carry blood to the legs are highly pressured. But this disease is far from simple. When your legs start aching, do the following exercises:

1. Daily walks. The legs may hurt much as you start walking but keep going. 30 minutes should do it.
2. Cycling
3. Swimming
4. Numbers 2-3 should go hand in hand with walking exercises.

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High blood pressure ó also called hypertension is the increased pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the arteries. Athletes and more active individuals are less likely to get the disease.

1. Brisk walking
2. Cycling
3. Jogging
4. Joining sports such as hockey, tennis or football
5. Dancing

Stroke ó exercise comes as a great risk to this disease. Before embarking into any exercise regimen, consider if the benefits of exercising would outweigh the risk. If they do, then these exercises would be a good start:

1. Aerobic exercises such as walking, treadmill exercises, stationary cycle.
2. Use of weight machines
3. Free weights
4. Non-strenuous stretches
5. Activities that foster balance and coordination

Diabetes ó the main concern for persons with this disease is control of blood sugar level. The doctor should be the one to outline an exercise program thatís right for patients with this illness since complications could arise. But remember this, it is better for a diabetic to exercise than stay sedentary. Exercising improves the way the patientís body would respond to insulin.

1. Most doctors recommend aerobic exercises since they are the safest to do.
2. Breathing exercises.
3. Chair exercises
4. Rowing
5. Bicycling
6. Swimming

Arthritis ó this is a disease that targets the joints and muscles. Make sure that the joints are not swollen before starting an exercise regimen.

1. Water exercises-the waterís buoyancy soothes arthritic pain because it relaxes the muscles and lessens stiffness.
2. Walking
3. Isotonic and isometric exercises
4. Exercises that test endurance

Osteoporosis ó this is a disease of the bone. Itís the case when the bones become brittle. To counter this, make sure that your exercise program is high impact. The more impact there is on the bones, the greater the benefit.

1. Use free weights
2. Stretches that target the back (such as touching your feet)
3. Swimming and/or water aerobics
4. Jumping, running or jogging- these increase spine compression

Pregnancy ó this is not an illness, of course, but this is perhaps one of the most, if not the most difficult stage in a womanís life. Historically, physicians believed that an expectant mom should rest and stay in bed as often as necessary. This is fallacious.

Unless itís a high-risk pregnancy, it is now required to have some form of activity during the 9-month period. Here are the acceptable exercises for pregnant women:

1. Kegel exercises- is a pelvic floor exercise that focuses on the bladder and uterus most especially during the third trimester when the fetus would strain them. The secret? Just relax, tighten, relax and tighten alternately (once you have mastered the area).
2. Walking (such as going to the mall or going around the block).
3. During the last trimester, avoid strenuous exercises such as running or jogging.
4. Pilates

Exercise is equal to health. Whether you have already the conditions mentioned here, all is not lost. Exercising can still lessen the risk of worsening your situation. Just remember, your doctor is your friend in times like this. You are partners in establishing a routine that would improve, if not totally heal, your illness.

Running or Walking

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